Welcome to OpenMaze

Empowering Knowledge-Rich Businesses with Accessible and Practical AI, Prioritizing Transparency and Security

Welcome to OpenMaze


Powerful AI Safe for the workplace

Everyone is talking about the AI possibilities that Large Language Models such as ChatGPT brings us. We believe that AI can help people do their work better, and faster when used the right way! The Q-App makes it easy to integrate the power of AI into the day to day workflow, where you can ask questions to any data or knowledge your company possesses. Prioritizing data safety, data insights and of course user friendliness, the Q-App is the usable solution of AI in a business environment.

Powerful AI Safe for the workplace

About us

We are young entrepreneurs who are passionate about AI, complex software solutions and other cutting-edge technology. We believe in the power of AI, however we see that data safety and insight are key to the usability of AI. 

our beliefs

Core values


AI can be scary. We think that technology should always be transparent and explainable. Our technology should above all be trusted by its users.


We are of the opinion that data ownership should always remain with the user. We not only comply with regulations, but go the extra mile to ensure that you are in control of your data.


What makes us unique is that we use cutting-edge technologies, broadening the variety of tools available. We unite context and technology.

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